What is "Chegichagi"?

Chegichagi also known as (featherball/shuttlecock) is  a traditional Korean game, which originated in China around the 5th century BC.

The object of Chegichagi was initially, to keep the shuttlecock up in the air using only your feet, however over time new skills developed and people began to use their knees, heels, shoulders ,chest, head etc, but never their hands and over the years the game became more inventive and competitive.  Chegichagi can be played individually, in pairs or in groups.

Benefits  of Chegichagi in Taekwondo

Helps improve your, reflexes, agility, concentration and overall eye/hand/foot co-ordination. 

A great deal of visual concentration is required in Chegichagi.  A Chegichagi player intently watches the movement of the Chegi and over a period of time learns to utilize different parts of the body to keep the Chegi in the air.  Improved co-ordination and flexibility, in turn helps improve kicking/ striking/ blocking techniques, as you are more aware of your body and it's capability.

Increases your ability to predict a fighting situation.

A competent Chegichagi player is able to visualize the speed, distance and direction the Chegi flies and then responds to it movement in mid flight.  This skill can then translate into a fighting situation, as practicing Chegichagi helps you assess and react to  situations quickly and with more efficiency.  

Speed & fluency of responses and movements.

Good stepping skills are paramount when playing Chegichagi. Proficient Chegichagi players are light on their feet, buoyant almost, and move with speed and fluency. When practicing Chegichagi, individuals learn to follow the rhythm of the Chegi, the patterns with which it moves up and down through the air.  Even after a few weeks of Chegichagi practice there is a noticeable difference in how an individual moves and responds.